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The International Design & Architecture Awards recognise talent within the world of interior design and architecture, and most importantly, they are voted for by both industry professionals and the public at large, which consists of potential clients. We are delighted to have been singled out by such an esteemed ensemble and pleased that our commitment to excellence is being celebrated within the industry.

Faiza Seth, Casa Forma

Awards are great platforms for designers to share and exchange their latest achievements. They also create opportunities for designers to display their creation to a wider audience.

Ed Ng, AB Concept

It is so important to acknowledge and recognise talent in the industry – the Design Awards is a great platform from which to celebrate the best design projects and the people behind them.

Nick Candy, Candy & Candy

Recognising excellence inspires people and brings them together. Encouraging a higher level of workmanship creates new industry standards.

Sarinrath Kamolratanapiboon, DWP

The feeling of seeing my work recognized is wonderful, and as good as the feeling of the day when I get to see the work finished.

Nini Andrade Silva, Atelier Nini Andrade Silva

The Design Awards are good for keeping and increasing the motivation of designers and increasing the awareness of their talent and works.

Yasumichi Morita, Glamorous co., ltd

There is a certain amount of satisfaction gained from knowing that professionals within your own industry feel your work is of a standard that deserves recognition.

Christopher Dezille, Honky

Awards can be a very important benchmark within the industry.

Joanna Wood

I think that the Design Awards are extremely important in bringing designer's talents to the fore and putting forward inspirational projects that would not otherwise be visible.

Katharine Pooley, Katharine Pooley Limited

I think the Awards are very important as they can identify new talents and ideas, without The Design Awards, the design world would be bland!

Susan Quirke, Quirke McNamara Consultancy

I think that awards are very important and as in every profession it’s always nice to be recognised for what we do.

Maurizio Pellizzoni, Maurizio Pellizzoni Design Limited

It is very important to recognise each others work, so that the design industry can push on with more exciting buildings every year.

Nicolas Tye, Nicolas Tye Architects

Design Awards are an outstanding marker of time, trends, and talents.

Lori Pinkerton-Rolet, Park Grove Design Ltd.

The Design Awards are motivation for us to continue.

Philip Tang, Ptang Studio

It is always good to be recognised by your peers.

Mike Stiff, Stiff + Trevillion

I think awards are key to bringing recognition to a company's work, giving credibility within the industry and highlighting specialist skill
to future clients.

John Beven, Wilkinson Beven Design Ltd.

It is great to be recognised within the industry and gives a real boost to the team.

Karen Howes, Taylor Howes

Awards are very important. It is also nice to have external recognition for something that you are proud of.

Wendy Perring , Perring Architecture & Design

Can't be disingenuous on this one. We love to win! It's a great feeling as well as a great boost to internal morale and a reward for everyone
involved in the team, including other consultants and suppliers – and of course the client.

David Spence, Chairman SHH

Its always good to be recognised for hard work and we need to give clients confidence in the industry as a whole.

Carolyn Parker, Carolyn Parker Interior Design

Awards are very important! There's nothing like a competitive spirit to shake up designers!

Michael Reeves, Michael Reeves Associates