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'Design Awards are certainly important. Most valued should be those voted by the wider audience.'

James Claydon, Claydon Reeves

'Design Awards are important because they provide a forum for presentation and discussion of our work.'

Luiz de Basto, Luiz de Basto Designs

'The independence of The International Design Awards means the designer is awarded upon objective criteria only. The impact will therefore be bigger and more positive. The selection has to focus on a project rather than on designers.'

Jacques Pierrejean, Pierrejean Design

'It brings awareness, a light on a different thinking process & encouragement to think different.'

Pieter van Geest, Van Geest Design

'The competitive spirit runs through all designers. Design is a competition to make things better, so a competition like this is healthy and
welcoming to the design industry.'

Peter Symonds, Sigmund Yacht Design

'Design awards are encouraging, and help in gaining respect from fellow members in the yacht industry.'

Ashish Gupta, Beyond Design

'The awards are an interesting initiative which give relevance to yacht design'

Francesco Paszkowski, Francesco Paszkowski Design

'Recognising excellence inspires people and brings them together. Encouraging a higher level of workmanship creates new industry

Alix Lawson and Charlotte Robb, Lawson Robb

'Everyone deserves recognition for doing something well, awards are one of the best vehicles for doing so...'

Alexander Isaac, Lila-Lou London

'Being judged and awarded for something you are passionate about provides additional justification for the efforts and achievements made. It provides a sense of greater satisfaction and pride for oneself, and all those involved in the creation.'


'Design awards are very important for all designers. If a designer can really give something good to the yachting world, design awards can help him to find more clients and vice-versa.'

Mario Grasso, Navirex

'Design awards are very important as they advertise the yacht and everybody involved in its creation.'

Michael Kirschstein, Designer

'Design awards are extremely important in this competitive world, as they showcase a designer's real ability.'

Bernie Cohen, Designer

'The yachting industry is first and foremost a business market, and it is only awards like these that recognise the design side of it.'

Vladimir Jovanović, Art of Kinetik

'Design awards are extremely important.'

Francesco Guida, Arcadia Yachts

'Awards are important to support creativity and focus the attention on talent'

Anna Amato, Gamma Yachts International

'The awards are very important. This is not only a good medium to get recognised by potential clients, but also an excellent motivator for improvement.'

Jiwon Sung, J.SUNG Design