Project: 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Date: April 2017
Company: Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Ltd.
Interior Designer: P49 Design and Associates Co., Ltd.
Architect: Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Ltd.

The luxurious 137 Pillars Suites & Residence Bangkok or Baan Jamjuree II is the new additional development to the previous adjacent success of Baan Jamjuree I along Sukhumvit 39 in Bangkok. The development consists of a 30-storey serviced apartment tower with 213 luxury units with complete services and facilities especially in particular the outdoor provision spaces to take in the prime Bangkok city 360° view.

The serene architectural design has a simple zen modern style with attractive exterior features. The large garden atmosphere and great charming interior leads this tower to be a juxtaposition through creating an interesting piece of architecture to the overall skyline of Bangkok. The 137 Pillars Suites & Residence Bangkok’s design concept is based on two simple rectangular blocks with different heights combined with the suspended facility floor. The lower block houses the main lobby, carparking, main residential units and facilities whilst the upper block is a guest room hotel and top sky facilities.

The facade design consists of vertical articulated white colour fins to create a simple Japanese zen modern style. The main feature of this design is the multi-functional suspended deck on Level 26 which contains the main swimming pool, spa and restaurant areas. This feature also creates the visual separation of the residential apartments from the hotel portion. The luxury units range from 40 to 132 Sq. metres, with all units capturing the best clear views towards the east and west. The semi-enclose drop off area on L1 forms an internal courtyard concept atmosphere with the large garden in one side at the front. The large garden at the front still maintains the blooming Jamjuree trees which represents the primary name of the project.

Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Ltd’s favourite aspects of this project are the luxurious serene and timeless architecture with its simple style. The unique exterior portion of the suspended facility deck contains a circular glass floor with a floating pergola above which is also a key element of this project. The well-proportioned spaces and use of facilities are a good combination for creating a unique design in architecture, interior and landscape. The very bright white of the exterior cladding in the simple Japanese modern style with the natural green garden atmosphere make this building improve the surroundings of the city and integrates among the prime living location in Bangkok Sukhumvit 39.