Project Name: 9th Floor Guest Apartment

Location: São Paulo, SP – Brasil

Date Completed: 2016

Interior Designer: Layde Tuono

Architect: Layde Tuono

This whole floor loft is part of a 4-story penthouse, located on a high-class neighbourhood in São Paulo, the 4th largest city in the world, largest city in the southern hemisphere and cultural, financial and gastronomic capital of South America. The client previously owned three stories (11th, 12th, 13th) and when he bought the entire 9th floor, the brief was to create a guest house integrated with a complete gym and spa.

The project was developed as a modern complete studio, surrounded by the other facilities. All internal existing walls were demolished to create integrated spaces, divided by sliding aluminium and glass doors. As for the studio, including a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and a small library, all spaces are connected, without walls, and the highlight is a 180-degree pivot dinner table driven by a pivot iron column, covered with corten steel. A gas fireplace completes the studio, giving it a cosy feeling. Using sliding doors with different finishing, including black glass, mirror and Formica, the guest can alternate between full privacy and wide-open integrated spaces.

The Roman travertine marble SPA, has its experience enhanced by a hot and cold, double foot sink on the floor, next to the bathtub. The two vintage coiffeur chairs bring an “old barber shop” atmosphere, contrasting with the modern gym. On the far end of the gym, the designers installed a decorative glass cascade panel. Its running water gives a refreshing feeling for the gym users, and its transparency integrates the space with the SPA. The studio, gym and SPA add up to a total of 450m2 wide-open space, whilst also giving the guest a choice for a more cosy and private apartment by the use of sound proof sliding doors. The flexibility and integration of the different spaces define this large city modern penthouse.