Project Name: Apartment 1, The Fitzbourne

Location: London

Date Completed: July 2015

Company Name: Louisa Penn Interiors

Designer: Louisa Penn

Louisa Penn Interiors were briefed to design and dress the interior of a luxury 2-bedroom apartment in an 1890s brick and stone mansion block situated in Fitzrovia, London.

The apartment consisted of an open plan kitchen, sitting and dining room, a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, and a second bedroom with ensuite bathroom. A luxurious yet comfortable and practical finish was required to reflect the open and spacious nature of the apartment. The location of the apartment was to be considered in its design; for example, art work was to be suggestive of the arts and different cultural elements available as a resident in such a location. Furniture design, was to be contemporary, sophisticated and varied. It was important to achieve the feeling of a real ‘home’, and not simply a ‘developed’ apartment lacking of character and soul. Careful juxtaposition of furniture styles, fabrics and accessories was key in achieving this.

The colour palette was to be likeable, stylish and comfortable to live with. The second bedroom could be a little bolder seeing as it would not be used day to day. The master bedroom was to be opulent and unisex with a hint of drama. Fabrics and wall coverings throughout were to be luxurious yet practical, and were to include a wide range of textures and patterns. It was important to think about furniture layout and how most efficiently to use the space available. The lateral, spacious feel of the property was to be maintained and even exaggerated in order to give possible buyers a view of the apartment at its full potential.

The copper kitchen was an opportunity to create a bespoke design which would really set the apartment apart from other developments. Its drama and unpredictably contrasted and complimented the white, minimalist dining table. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of materials, styles and fabrics allowed a more creative take on a development apartment; for example, the placing of a contemporary, minimalist dining table alongside 2 mid-century style, ‘statement’ armchairs.

Owner and Design Director, Louisa Penn was mindful throughout that she was building a home with evident personality and soul. Through art, artefacts and antiques she gave a real feeling of lifestyle, character and imagination. Furthermore, the budget allocated to art was devised in relation to the value of the property, thus giving real importance to this aspect.

Additionally, the choice of furniture design worked well in creating a spacious, comfortable and luxurious feel as per the brief. The different schemes for each room were complimented well by the range of materials used, such as marble, dark timber, velvets and antique brass.
Almost all of the pieces of furniture were designed and manufactured bespoke. For example, upholsters were used to create sofas, armchairs, and dining chairs. A specialist metal worker constructed the coffee table alongside a marble and stone supplier. The coffee table in particular was a real feat of engineering! The master bed headboard and bed was a bespoke design which was built on site.

The design is reflective of the location of the property and its surrounding buildings; its varied design along with choice of art work is suggestive of the different cultural elements available in the West End of London. The designers also used the project as an opportunity to use upcoming artists and a space for them to showcase their work.