Project Name: Apartment

Location: Moscow, Russia

Date Completed: May 2016

Interior Designer: Marina Braginskaya

Architect: Polina Vitter

Atelier Interior created a space which is full of light, universal but with some individual elements from around the world. Their clients asked them to make a space which could be used as a temporary home whilst they were staying in Moscow. The clients spend most of their time in France but also enjoy travelling in Asia, therefore they wanted a space that would recreate the Asian atmosphere they had experienced whilst exploring.

Atelier Interior enjoy making made to measure carpets for their projects and this was one of the specialist skills involved in creating the interiors for this property. The designers enjoy inventing the designs themselves and this project provided the perfect opportunity for them to branch out with the carpets and produce a truly stunning design.

Atelier Interior decided to make the project feel more classic but not too heavy, the designers used collection pieces from China and Indonesia and Asian inspired carpets. The designers’ favourite aspect of the project was the good quality natural materials such as marble, oak wood floors, wool and silk carpets. Atelier Interior believe that the design works so well because the neutral space fits perfectly with the bold colours and artistic details. The vast windows create the feeling that the city is entering the apartment, with widespread views of Moscow the clients feel like they can enjoy the city life without stepping outside.