Project Name: The Arch, Flat C

Location: Chengdu, China

Date Completed: July 2014

Interior Designer: Ronald Lu & Partners

This 180-square-metre apartment and interior space embraces living functions that satisfies the owner’s tasteful sophistication, self-assurance, and indulgence. The overall design concept unfolds openness in the living space, along with luxury and style. This flat situated in Chengdu, China and refines a perfect residence for families of high intelligence, young generations in desire of high-end modern lifestyle.

Inspired by an international luxury brand, the signature tone of orange and bold visual features are the main theme of this luxury residence; together with the substantial engagement of mirrors and glass, visual space is dramatically enriched. The affluent combination of visuals and textures of high-gloss wood and leather across living and dining areas showcase the owner’s stylish taste. Cleanliness of the high-gloss wood portal and the orange glass featured wall vividly enrich the visual impression of the premise interior. This dramatically contrasts with the rear entertainment lounge which features the walnut wood wall housed with state-of-the-art audio visual systems.

Ronald Lu & Partners favourite aspect of the project is that the overall design scheme exemplifies the feeling of openness, luxury and style. The owner’s private living space further unveils sophisticated indulgence; a cooperation of artistic sensation and upscale lifestyle. Since 2010, over 200 Fortune 500 companies have opened offices, branches, or operation centres in Chengdu, attracting a large number of highly intelligent young generations and their families moving to Chengdu.