Project name: Bloomsbury Square

Location: London

Architect: Dlg Architects

This project comprised of internal refurbishment and alteration of two adjacent grade II listed terraced office buildings into seven flats. There are five floors in total of each building; four above ground level and one below ground. The work carried out includes new kitchens and bathrooms, alterations to mechanical and electrical work and corresponding repairs and decorations.

Extensive external works were carried out on the project which included the stripping off, of the existing main roof and completely renewing it. Repairs were required to be made to the existing concrete staircases and the existing railings were upgraded to meet building regulations. Some of the internal work carried out on the project included the removal of some of the existing partitions and installation of new to accommodate changes within the layout, together with the installation of two new timber staircases. Acoustic insulation was provided between the floors and a complete overhaul of the existing mechanical and electrical service.

The retaining of the listed original features within the building has been paired with a modern yet refined design. The property looks amazing completely unfurnished with added design and furnishing it would be decidedly impressive. The design works well with the pairing of old and new, clean finishes and the amount of light delivered into the building. A number of period techniques were implemented for the completion of the works which was impressive due to the superior end finish.