Project Name: Bluwater Condominium

Location: Oakville, Ontario

Date Completed: January 2015

Interior Designer: Elizabeth Metcalfe & Nicole Webster

This beautiful condominium situated on the shores of Lake Ontario is home to a very special couple. Elizabeth Metcalfe Design was enlisted to be a part of this new chapter in their clients’ lives. Downsizing from a large home in a gated community in the county, the couple set out to purchase the penthouse of a prestigious new condo to start their new life. Travelling and entertaining often, the couple needed a home that would fit their fast-paced lifestyle and wanted a new style to match. Only keeping their extensive art collection, the clients wanted a fresh start with completely new furnishings and lighting combining their love for high-end luxury goods.

EM Design completely re-designed the condo’s layout from the builder to include a much more intimate foyer, a larger living space, separate den, larger kitchen footprint with an adjacent dining room and sitting area, larger master walk-in closets. A laser cut stone floor and dramatic light fixture creates a stunning foyer. The large grand living room features two custom diamond tufted sofas, bespoke furniture pieces and simply beautiful iconic klismos chairs. The fireplace is clad in a bronze etched mirror. A magnificent ceiling fixture creates an ethereal glow in the lacquered ceiling panel. Two custom, hand-knotted rugs add a layer of texture and softness that anchors two distinct seating arrangements. A navy and black colour story in the den creates an intimate setting for television viewing. The large kitchen shimmers with hand-made mirror backsplash tiles. The halo light’s ring of light is a perfect complement to the hammered polished nickel base and upholstered chairs.

Laser-cut tiles in the foyer were installed by hand by their master tile installer. The living room features two large tray ceilings that are lacquered in a highly polished finish completed by our plaster artisan and painter. Custom paneling and mirror work throughout. Elizabeth Metcalfe Designs really enjoyed collaborating with their clients and the builder on this project and the result was a wonderful year long working relationship.