Project Name: The Bridle Path Residence

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date Completed: June 2015

Interior Designer: Elizabeth Metcalfe & Nicole Webster

A 15,000 sq.ft. family home in an upscale residential neighbourhood in Toronto received full-scope interior design of the main floor. The international clients, from China, had purchased this lovely secondary residence in a prominent neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario and were in desperate need of full interior furnishings throughout their new home. The clients wanted to start from a clean slate and gave Elizabeth Metcalfe full creative freedom, as they were still spending much of their time back home in China. The clients wanted to use the main floor to entertain clients on a regular basis but also wanted to make a comfortable home for their young family during the school year months.

Aspiring to include bespoke details with high-drama, adding lots of style through art and accessories and overall having a home that reflected what they love and what they value were very important to the clients. Elizabeth Metcalfe created an unforgettable first impression of their residence by using statement and iconic pieces that told the story of the clients and who they are. The bones of the home are an experience in itself. The oversized hand crafted dome can be appreciated in the stair hall, the upper mezzanine level is wrapped in deep bronze custom metal railings adding a dramatic view from the entrance, beautiful heavy trims and paneling are repeated throughout, polished white marble slabs cover the floors and staircase, inset Baltic Gray honed marble panels contrast various hues of ivory on the walls all created a blank envelope to add layers of soft colours and contrasting textures.

Spanning over the course of a six-month period, we carefully curated the interiors luxury furnishings. There is an undeniable sense of luxury, beauty and elegance within this home. The interplay of traditional architecture and modern furniture was instrumental in defining the interior – it creates a striking balance that moves from room to room.