Project Name: Camp End Manor

Location: St George’s Hill, Surrey

Date Completed: January 2017

Interior Designer: Linley Interior Design

Architect: Lees Associates

Camp End Manor is not just a luxury home by virtue of its fixtures and fittings; from its very conception its design and construction has been a devoted exercise in providing the highest standard of living to its residents. Its simple, sensitive plan provides balance and harmony and its generous ceiling heights, windows and skylights allow natural light to flood the spaces. It is a home that truly lifts the spirits. The property was designed by Lees Associates in a regency style with strong Palladian influences, particularly in its plan. The interiors were designed by Linley. Located centrally on the plot, it is rooted in the landscape with each of its four elevations defining a separate area of the garden. It has a gross external area of approx. 16,500 sq. ft. spread over two above ground storeys and one basement level. As the gates open, one is immediately presented with the full impact of the formal front facade, with the drive sweeping naturally down to the left to the generous underground garage.

Upon entering the house there is an immediate sense of the strong axial arrangement of the plan of the project, with an elliptical stair hall at its core. Flooded with natural light from above, and with a glimpse of the spectacular view of the beyond, the hall contains the central focal point of the house: a unique elliptical solid stone “floating” stair, which winds down from the first-floor gallery to the basement wine bar. This beautiful and stunning feat of engineering is Camp End Manor’s defining architectural gesture, regularly leaving those seeing it for the first time open-mouthed in awe. The principal living spaces are arranged in the three wings of the house around the stair hall at ground floor level, with ancillary accommodation efficiently occupying the spaces between. The bedrooms and bathrooms follow the same logic on the first floor. The master suite occupies the full length of the south side of the house at first floor, and it is from here that the view across the landscape can be appreciated the most. The en-suite bathrooms to bedrooms 2 and 3 have no external walls for windows so instead have huge skylights that cover their entire floor area and fill the bathrooms with light.

Respecting the rules of classical proportions of space and volume was a key design driver; as a result all principal rooms have floor to ceiling heights of at least 3.5m. Smaller ancillary rooms have lower ceilings but these are still a generous 2.7m. This gives the house a wonderful sense of balance. The lower ground floor contains the leisure spaces. Descending down the helical stairs, one gets a glimpse of the 12-metre swimming pool through a full-height glazed wall before arriving in the wine bar – perfect for unwinding after a swim or workout. A cinema room and gym lead off from the wine bar but the principal destination is the pool room itself, with changing rooms, sauna and hammam spa. The deep ink blue mosaic tiles of the pool contrast beautifully with the pale limestone floor and polished plaster walls. The far end of the pool room projects out under the garden, where an oculus roof light draws natural light down to be reflected by the pool and filling the space with twinkling daylight. Linked to the end of the pool is a spa area from where the full benefit of the roof light can be enjoyed.

The staircase is outstanding. It is not only the central focus but also leads the eye from one level to another. The windows & roof lights have been designed to allow maximum natural daylight into the house. An atmosphere of calm luminosity pervades the house as a result. Considering the exterior first of all, every elevation of the house is beautiful in its proportions and detailing. Lees Associates’ have succeeded in their brief to create a perfectly designed house in a classical style, whilst adapting historical designs to suit contemporary living. The staircase is at the heart of the house, with the living spaces are logically arranged around this central axis. This creates a perfect flow, but also gives each of the primary rooms an individual aspect over the surroundings. Ceiling heights, appropriate to the style of the house, lend appropriate grandeur to the house.

St George’s Hill is internationally renowned as one of the most sought-after private residential areas in England. Situated on the highest plot on St. George’s Hill, Camp End Manor gets its name from the Iron Age fort that once occupied the site, the ramparts of which still define the south and west boundaries of its garden. As a result, the house enjoys stunning views south over the forests, fields and villages of The Surrey Downs. The house has been designed so its residents can enjoy many aspects of these outstanding views. Beautifully crafted sash windows frame the vistas whilst numerous roof lights allow natural light to flood the house from above. The house sits elegantly in its surroundings – the elevated setting and exclusivity of the area demand beauty combined with classicism and Werner Capital believe Camp End Manor will be recognised as an important house in centuries to come.

The bespoke staircase is the axis of the house and was commissioned by Lees Associates from The Stonemasonry Company, highly skilled craftsmen and winners of various industry awards. The staircase is unique in its design and conception. It is an elliptic structure, post-tensioned, self-supporting, and hand crafted from French limestone. The Stonemasonry Company collaborated with Webb Yates engineers to design and create the stair, with scale models created to finesse the design and to test load. The feeling of lightness is remarkable – the owners of this house will not only have one of the most beautiful houses in England, they will also have a piece of original art at the centre of their home.

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