Project Name: Chalet Marmottière C

Location: Verbier, Switzerland

Date Completed: December 2015

Interior Designer: CP3 Architecture SA & AMD Swiss

This project is a Boffi kitchen with cabinet sides in lacquered grey metallic effect, top storage in black lacquer, backlit glass credenza and a marble top. The guest chalet was built in 2015 on a plot next to the main chalet. The specification consisted of building a new chalet while integrating it into the architecture of the existing chalet. The two chalets had to be linked on parts to the lower level by the parking and basement and other parts by an outside walkway connecting the two balconies of the chalet.

The kitchen is an integral part of the day space, it creates a kind of niche that gives it an intimate side. The kitchen was meant to be dark in order to create contrast with the old-wood walls and framework. Brilliant and metallic materials have been favoured to bring light, shine and brilliance to the space. The backlit white glass credenza gives light and contributes to the ambience of the room by constituting a decorative object in its own right. The cosmic black marble has been selected so that these veins are in harmony with the working top. The detail of handles integrated with the bevelled marble top gives a breath-taking effect.

Two magnificent glass chandeliers have punctuated the bar area, thus putting the height of the roof in value while giving a cosy atmosphere to the kitchen. Cittolin Polli believe the design works so well because the kitchen gives a boost to the old-wooden walls using innovative and gloss materials. Cittolin Polli & Associés SA worked on the traditional spirit of the Swiss chalet awakened by a few contemporary touches in order to bring depth and dynamic to the space. The different pieces have been worked in such a way as to obtain large while enjoying a certain intimacy. The end result is a gentle mix between tradition, originality, innovation and characterful materials with lighting bringing the space to life.