Project Name: Chalet Marmottière

Location: Verbier, Switzerland

Date Completed: December 2016

Interior Designer: CP3 Architecture SA & AMD Swiss

This project is a Ski Chalet in Verbier, Switzerland, with contemporary architecture designed with quality materials providing a beautiful panorama of the Swiss Alps. Initially, this chalet was built by Cittolin Polli’s architectural firm in 2009. The new owners wanted to rethink the interior spaces of the existing chalet and its style. The objective of the renovation of the main chalet was based on a reorganization and a review of the living spaces on the ground floor; a refurbishment of the two master bedrooms and guest rooms as well as the creation of a bowling alley and bar in the basement.

With a passion for materials and an avant-garde ambience, the guests wanted a warm atmosphere while brining an innovative and contemporary spirit. The vernacular materials were worked in an innovative way and highlighted by playing with reflections and light. The soft materials are awakened by the brilliance of metal chrome that bring a touch of radiance and punctuates the space. The stairs were worked as a chrome sculpture, thus giving a feeling of inverse perspective.

One of the challenges that paced the project was the marrying of a large number of materials, all as different as they were magnificent, while maintaining harmony and logic in the project. In this way, each material has been able to create a warm inviting space whilst bringing a personal touch, recognising its qualities. The end result is a gentle mix between traditional, precisely metered originality, innovation and characterful materials. This project represents the trends and inspiration of the current day while keeping in mind the location and the use of new materials in a smart way so that they remain timeless.