Project name: City Haze

Location: Zurich

Date completed: March 2016

Interior Designer: Eveline Rossi

This project was a Penthouse located in Zurich West, the property was redesigned to be sold to an unknown buyer as the owner of the property was struggling to sell it in its previous condition. The project was entitled City Haze. This name perfectly describes the colours that Rossi Interiors introduced to the Penthouse. The City of Zurich is full of natural colours, with a plethora of green and blue hues from the surrounding parks, woods, lakes and rivers. Therefore, Rossi Interiors wanted to mimic this earthy style with the colours that they used throughout the property.

The weather in Zurich is mostly unpredictable, so the idea was to have no boundaries between the inside and outside. Rossi Interiors created this through the large window fronts that reflect the colours on to the walls. Furthermore, Rossi Interiors used wallpapers which gave the illusion that the walls were windows with the aim of creating more depth. To generate some warmth through the property, a wooden kitchen and wooden stairs were introduced. The bathroom was designed in the way that you could enjoy the warmth of your own home whilst still feeling connected to the outside. Rossi Interiors believe that the design is so well balanced that different furniture styles can be integrated into the Penthouse with ease.

The design works so well in this property because it reflects the City where the penthouse is situated and it picks up the key elements of how people would like to live. With the contrast between City and Countryside, you can get the best of both worlds in this Penthouse.