Project Name: Court View

Location: London

Completed: 2016

Architect: Andrew Harper Architects Limited

Court View is a modern executive house built in a secluded location with views of the famous Centre Court. A contemporary house for a large family, flexible for use as the family grows and develops over time, which maximizes the sloping site and views across London with the latest environmental standards in design, materials, and technology.

Indigo Projects’ favourite aspect of the property is the double height entrance hall and triple height staircase and tight circulation spaces so that as little wasted space as possible is given over to areas that cannot be used or appreciated. The terraces and relationship of the house to the garden and street. The views into the landscape and tress out of all windows in the house from basement to second floor which are all different. The sun light and levels of daylight in the main rooms of the house which has been maximized without any overlooking from neighbouring houses.

This is a large house that nestles into the site and landscape without dominating it. It is a contemporary design which is very different to its neighbours, but its scale and form is not out of keeping with the dominant domestic character of an important historic area of sub-urban London. A major part of the brief given to Indigo Projects was to produce a house that not only took advantage of available technologies but also maximized the site and layout to ensure the positive effects of the wider environment had a beneficial impact on the house, such as shading by landscape and trees, high light levels with little overlooking from neighbours, spectacular views from the main rooms of the house and a direct and open access to the three levels of garden.