Project Name: Dagher Residence

Location: Lebanon

Date Completed: 2016

Company Name: Vick Vanlian

Designer: Vick Vanlian

Architect: Polytech Development

Nestled deep into the forest, Vick Vanlian’s concept of the Dagher Residence was to integrate the house with the surrounding nature. Creating the perfect harmony with the environment; physically and visually, merging the lines between the indoor and outdoor spaces with framing views of the outside.

The integration with nature has been made apparent throughout the interior and its use of different means and methods, hence, the choice of materials such as natural wood and stones. The grand tree in the centre of one of the living areas, has a customised built-in rotated pot. Therefore, it stays balanced and does not lean towards the sun. The double height green wall becomes a strong visual statement behind the main dramatic staircase with the distinctive stingray aquarium underneath.

Vick Vanlian has created and used printed imagery of forests throughout; present in the guest bathroom, on a mirrored glass and within a painted wall mural in the guest bedroom
As you approach the villa, you immediately notice a metallic sculptural wall demarcating the entrance. This wall is made of steel and reaches 8 meters in height. The interior spaces are very fluid. The transition between spaces is smoother and more dynamic through curved smooth angles, and contrasted with geometric shapes on the walls.

The Dagher Residence is a perfect example of the harmony between human habitation and nature. It is achieved through a sympathetic design approach that is well integrated with the building site itself, along with the furnishing and surroundings that became a part of a unified, integrated composition. A favourite aspect of this project was said to be the distinguished aspect of the three dimensional geometric walls. It reflects Vick Vanlian’s signature and gives the space a dynamic and energetic spirit. The interior space integrates the nature into the living space, which makes the house serene and contented.