Project Name: A Dashing Singapore Home

Location: Singapore

Date Completed: January 2017

Company Name: Design Intervention

Designer: Design Intervention

‘A Dashing Singapore Home’ is an expansive 3 storey family home in central Singapore. Design Intervention was tasked with updating the formal living areas. As the homeowners enjoy entertaining guests, they requested that the designers create a welcoming and elegant backdrop for entertaining.

The brief was to create a convivial environment for guests to relax and mingle. The designers were asked that it should feel both intimate for small gatherings but also elegant for larger, formal evenings. The client had an existing art collection and the brief was to complement/ highlight favourite art pieces. The clients wanted a home that their guests would remember, that had a WOW factor but still felt welcoming. Most of the pieces, are bespoke, so that they could tailor all the pieces to work seamlessly together both in terms of space planning as well as colour palette. Design Intervention worked with an adventurous colour palette and a daring use of colour to create a home that is utterly unique. This design is tranquil and intense at the same time.The designers have intensified the lush tropical views by integrating shades of green into the interior scheme. The lighting scheme was carefully considered, both to create a gentle soft mood and to highlight the art collection.

All the furniture was designed in house to give this home a totally original look. All the sofas were designed and fabricated in house, allowing them to play with a mix of fabrics and styles for a totally original couture look. This room is used to entertain guests and they have ensured that seat depths of the upholstered furniture are conducive for conversation and allowed for firm, narrow seat depth to promote interaction. The dining table is a favourite of theirs, it is an in-house design that looks glamorous but also is eminently practical as food spills wipe right off the mirror top so that guests can enjoy and evening and not worry about spills.