Project Name: Emirates Hills

Location: Dubai

Company: Nikki B Signature Interiors

Interior Designer: Nikki Bisiker

Architect: Glass Rooms in conjunction with Nikki B Signature Interiors

The design brief was to create a new space for a private residential gym. In conjunction with Glass Rooms, Nikki B Signature Interiors were asked to develop and create a new area within the grounds to house a gym that was sympathetic to the design of the house and was made from glass. In order to achieve this, the design team had to develop the concept and explore new areas of combining glass, marble and lighting capabilities. Overall it is a sleek concept that is actually highly complex in its lighting and construction development but looks simple, efficient and architecturally quite beautiful. Spatial planning, flow of movement, visual impact and practicalities for air temperature in the extreme heat, have all combined to create the winning formula.