Project Name: French Alps Chalet

Location: Megève

Date Completed: February 2017

Interior Designer: Dôme team – Cecile Demole – Alice Cajka

This project involved the restructuring and renovation of a chalet built in the 80’s in the French Alps with a complete reorganization of the living space and the ergonomics. Dôme Interiors put a contemporary, smooth and playful spin on this chalet by designing and taking inspiration from Dôme’s signature Art Deco style. The designers believe that the result, a 150m2 living room, 5 new ensuite bedrooms and a spa area truly accomplished their mission to revitalise this property.

First, the designers had to completely remodel the space where the living room was, this area was previously interrupted by a grand staircase and the basement was no longer necessary. Major building work went into restoring balance to the property and creating volume and a new space in the attic. Dôme believe that the design integrates into the wider environment because the project not only respects the situation but its surroundings also.

Dôme’s favourite aspect of the projects was creating a new way of living with a touch of modernity yet keeping the classical and peaceful atmosphere. They believe the design works so well because the project involved great team work and very committed furnishing companies. Furthermore, the newly arranged space has a very logical layout. Dôme believe that this is one of their most beautiful achievements from within the last few years.