Project Name: Gracious Acreage Kitchen

Location: DeWinton, Alberta, Canada

Date Completed: 2016

Interior Designer: Nicole Muzechka

Architect: Kon-strux Developments

The classic country kitchen meets 21st century elegance in this project. The brief required the project to reflect the unique heritage and landscape of this gracious acreage in rural southern Alberta. The client wanted a tricky hybrid: a classic country kitchen mixed with the elegant sophistication of modern design. The owner gravitated toward fixtures and design details that demonstrated a sense of history and a flavour of age and use. The home was to be opened up aesthetically and have more usable space, to achieve an open and airy feel, and to maximize the country views of the Rocky Mountain foothills.

Structural considerations were paramount in enlarging the space, which required reconfiguring the load-bearing walls and engineering load distribution into the floors and ceilings. The new kitchen was to be exceptionally bright and elegant without fuss, a natural extension of the owner’s personality: hospitable, highly efficient, and generous. Kitchens are traditionally the heart of a country home, and this project is the culmination of a seamless merger of heritage detail with contemporary design and functionality. The low banquette at antiqued table brings casual into the space, abutting the single-piece marble waterfall island countertops. The precious, rare weathered barn boards used on the vertical bar wall underscore the marriage of old and new. In terms of specific detail, the owner wanted bench seating for casual meal service, brand conscious high-end chef’s appliances, and glossy white cabinetry throughout.

The old barn boards used in this project were gifted to the homeowner by a family friend. Originally from an historic ranch in southern Alberta, these boards have the unique patina of outdoor weathering on the Canadian Prairie. Pulled from a collapsed calf feeding structure on the ranch property and repurposed here, these barn boards tie the house back to the land within the romanticism of ranching life. The silvery weathered colour is echoed in the marbling of the countertops and the white-and-teal palette throughout.

This kitchen is a model of functional workspace, featuring a perfect golden triangle that allows multiple people to work in various parts of the kitchen at the same time, even at two different sinks. The range and variety of seating ranges from a built-in banquette to stools, benches, and a dining table to accommodate many diners and guests, multiple conversations. The beautiful Dekton book-matched counter tops, and the penny-round ceramic tile backsplash subtly complement the overall aesthetic. Kon-Strux Developments chose a fresh palette of white and teal, perfect for this space because it has such beautiful depth – a big breath of mountain view air for this countryside kitchen. The soft brown floors echo the landscape tones of the property, and the antique grey/brown barn board is an elegant, heritage-enhancing complement to the white cabinets. The contrast remains crisp, accentuating bright spaces in between.