Project Name: HMDF – Allegria Residence

Location: Allegria Compound, SODIC, Sheikh Zayed, Egypt

Date Completed: 2016

Interior Designer: Alaa Mahmoud

Architect: SODIC Real Estate

AURA wanted to follow the client’s request for a house that would bring together maturity and fun through warm earthy materials infused with a lot of colours. The starting point was to create an open spaced narrative that would serve different functions, which led to a strip down of the original structure to create a single space of 150 SQM spread across the ground floor in addition to 250SQM in the second floor. Once all walls were torn, AURA allocated the different areas into a simple setup connecting the entrance, reception, dining space and living room into one harmonious layout linked with hardwood floors and subtly divided by wooden beams.

Following the theme of continuity, the double height staircase links the communal space with the bedrooms above giving much needed privacy in that area of the house. The second floor follows the same design philosophy, its simple division where each room is designed to revolve around a multipurpose open space, merging the bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets together into one private area. The master bedroom resembles a suite from a boutique hotel, where layered setting and colourful styling are brought together into a linear design that caters to the couple’s daily routine. AURA’s favourite aspect of the project was the mix of bright colours with neutral tones. They believe this reflects the atmosphere for a more casual setting while creating the perfect balance between maturity and fun requested by the client. The theme continues into the dining room, which was designed to create a statement that would reflect the owner’s cheerful personality. As a result, a bold wood and metal dining table were perfectly paired with floral print chairs to make the place look more vibrant and vivid.

The design works so well because it caters to the client’s lifestyle with a home that allows them to either casually entertain or host big parties. As a result, the floor plan is divided in a way to allow people to easily interact in a cosy environment regardless of their number. As you walk through the house you can notice the linearity of the design, with an open floor plan divided into three free flowing seating areas. The dining space shares a double-sided sofa with the reception, which all overlook big windows that extend throughout the entire area and offer a great view of the garden. Connecting the indoors to nature, the oversized windows allow natural light to change the ambiance inside the open plan. The adjacent swimming pool serves as the perfect background for this more formal seating area mirroring the bold colours of an oversized artwork.