Project Name: House with Screens

Location: Singapore

Date Completed: April 2016

Interior Designer: ADX Architects Pte Ltd

The project is an addition and alteration project to an existing semidetached house in Singapore. In rethinking the use of the spaces for the clients who are a couple with two young children, ADX Architects conceptualised an “open concept” house with would be designed to experience the spaces as a seamless and sensuous integration with the lush and green surrounds. The existing semi-detached house was a 30-year-old house that had stood the test of time. The clients approached ADX Architects for an extensive alteration of the existing house with the intention to cater for their family consisting of the couple and their 2 young children.

From the start, ADX Architects brief was not to maximize the buildable area. The family appreciated the outdoors and the greenery in front of the house was to be preserved. It was a play area the children would most enjoy on an elevated land a few steps above the car porch. The orientation of the house faces the north-east direction on an elevated land that is slightly more than a meter above the accessible road. At the western side of the house, a public drainage easement separates this house with the neighbour’s house. The purpose of this alteration works was to recompose the spaces suitable for the clients’ family needs, with a view to provide spaces for outdoor enjoyment and family interaction.

The key aspect of the project was the “opening up” of the house. The favourite feature would be the screening for the balcony at second storey that was designed for the master bedroom. The sliding screens allowed for the flexibility of “opening” the balcony or “hiding” it for privacy and solar protection. The house was designed to encapsulate the essence of open concept living. The public areas of living, dining and family areas were given maximum exposure with large sliding glass doors. The Owners loved that the indoors were well-integrated and connected with the outdoors.

Usable areas of a lush lawn and sheltered porch and patio areas were introduced at the front next to the living room as well as beside the dining space, giving an outdoor extension of the space. On the second storey, planting was brought up with a generous planter box allowing greenery to peek into the family space. Particular care was taken to introduce teak timber strips to the underside of the car porch canopy and the overhanging eaves. The intention was to give the house a warm touch with a distinct tropical look for the house.