Project Name: The Icon

Location: Shenzhen

Date Completed: 2015

Interior Designer: Ricky Wong Designers

The Icon was designed with as much humanization as possible. This loft residential design is not just a single space design, it also accounts for the perfect integration of engineering, delicate decoration, and soft decoration. The overall design covers an area of 90-150 square metres, and separates the public space located downstairs from the bedroom upstairs, which maximizes the interpretation of the exclusive highlight of a duplex apartment.

Each apartment’s loft staircase is not only an intelligent-induction, but it is also an art device for TV walls that supports the surface. At the same time, the peripheral area of the staircase is hidden with lamp strip, which makes it is easy for people to generate superiority in home intelligent control. Walking into the space, the column on left hand side of the entrance has a hidden shoe cabinet. After opening the white door with the high-gloss piano lacquer on the right hand, there is a hidden type double door refrigerator.

Ricky Wong Designers are very good at humanistic design, and they make a thorough effort to learn about the client’s living background and their implicit needs, which blends emotions and humanity forcing into every detail into the space. For high-end customer groups, who have the character of fashion and high efficiency, a beautiful home is a necessity. Ricky Wong Designers have taken the lifestyle of the buyers into the account in the design and focus on the humanized design, such as bath, LED LCD screens, bedside charging socket with USB port, intelligent footlight, etc. The whole suite is under electronic control, allowing personalized scene customization, which all makes the space concise, but not simple.