Project Name: Johannesburg Project

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Interior Designer: Perla Lichi

Architect: Archen Architects, SA

An expansive custom home for an executive with four sons. Each individual wanted their own space reflecting their own personality, creative wishes and style preferences.This expansive home was designed so each person could feel like they were living in their own special world. The husband enjoys an outdoor gazebo for meditation and a custom-designed garage for his collection of exotic cars. The wife wanted her own private spa, which was created from a spare bedroom. The sons got their own game room with all the modern technology of today’s video game era. Then, spaces were created where the family could enjoy being together.

The main living areas were designed in formal style, and then a more casual “pyjama” lounge, and family room, both with the latest audio / video equipment. The indoor swimming pool can be viewed from the upstairs hallway. Hallways posed a design problem, which the designer solved by converting them to “art galleries.” With the exception of the “special” areas, the entire house was created in a classic style and each family member’s bedroom designed to their own personal tastes.