Project Name: Lapworth Country Estate

Location: Lapworth – Warwickshire

Date Completed: December 2016

Interior Designer: Peter Staunton

Located in the Village of Lapworth in Warwickshire, the design brief given to Peter Staunton Interior Design was to turn a classic country estate into a modern elegant family home, with a twist! The clients wanted to create a family home that remained sympathetic to the property and to its wider surroundings, whilst also giving various rooms a new and edgy modern twist. As the house was big enough to accommodate dedicated rooms, rather than the need to be multi-functional, each room needed to be tailored exactly to how they would be used.

Each room also needed to be very different to the next, as they wanted to be inspired on different levels throughout the house. The best part of the project is the feedback that client gave to the designers, the clients stated that they love their home more than ever, and using all the rooms regularly rather than just a select few as they did before. As the project grew and developed, the clients opened up to allowing complete design scope of the property.

Peter Staunton Interior Design believe that the design works so well because not only does it give a fresh and modern twist to a traditional home, it works functionally for how the family live, which is always key. Each of the rooms uses various strong colours that work with the natural surroundings of the vast greenery & lake on its grounds. There were numerous specialist skills that were involved in the making of this project including metalwork, carpentry, handblown glass, bespoke soft furnishings & upholstery, handwoven silk rugs, antique restoration. The result is a family home which provides the client with a house that they can truly benefit from.