Project name: Las Olas

Location: Palm Beach, Florida

Interior Designer: Carleton Varney of Dorothy Draper & Co

Las Olas is a tropical escape in sunny Palm Beach that is filled with beautiful customized details and fun atmosphere. The favourite aspect of the project is the way the rooms all flow together, however with each turn there is something new and exciting that catches the eye. The procession from the entrance hall all the way through the entire house and out to the pool and cabana is a treat for the eyes.

The design works so well because it pulls in local elements from Palm Beach and the South Florida area, while still celebrating treasures of the client’s that bring memories of travel all over the world. And with this, the way that the juxtaposition of colour and whimsical elements with the classic antiques is really dynamic and invigorating. Dorothy Draper & Co say that this is such a special project that is truly unique and like nothing else. This is an escape for the homeowner to enjoy the season in Palm Beach and host lavish parties. This beautiful estate certainly brings a smile to any guests face.