Project Name: London Penthouse

Location: London

Date Completed: November 2016

Interior Designer: Natalia Rotenberg

Architect: NR Group

The project located in central London, with a 1970 sq. ft. space, is a remarkable property with an exceptional design. The penthouse has been designed with an international flavour and with input from NR Group that consider the requirements for a fully functional international family home in the heart of London. The idea behind the project was to maximise living space in keeping with strict planning guidelines, and a stunning roof terrace to encompass the rear of the apartment.

On the ground floor, there is a cinema, living room, lounge, guest room, dinning space, and kitchen. Natalia particularly understands the need for natural light and to rid the property of dark spaces, so her clever use of colour and fabrics is evident in every turn. Spaces under staircases have a flash of colour, cushions, and carpets to add to the feeling of beautiful and classical opulence. Glass bay windows and the extensive use of glass in this art deco style has meant that the design of curtains has had to be painstaking to ensure a warmth and character which NR Group were keen to emphasise. The centrepiece is a 6-metre fire place in the living room dressed with an amazing sparking stone making the area very aesthetically pleasing. This room a very elegant and stylish living room/lounge where the gold tones are mixed with the blue hues. As soon as you walk into this property a feeling of empowerment and an appreciation of exquisite beauty is felt.

With a carefully furnished reception rooms and 3 individual bedroom suites all carefully created and designed, NR Group have created a unique international home in the heart of London that combines a total feel of escapism, a home fit for the finest of entertaining with friends and a comfortable family home. This apartment has a very stylish dining room for entertaining and the attention to detail by NR Group is evident here. The kitchen combines a dining area and breakfast bar and a separate seating area so that many breakfasts can be enjoyed here. This luxury apartment is located close to Buckingham Palace yet with careful construction and interior design means that you feel a million miles from anywhere.