Project Name: Nancy Creek

Location: Georgia, USA

Date Completed: May 2016

Company Name: Thrasher Pool and Spa LLC

Designer: Thrasher Pool and Spa LLC

Thrasher Pool and Spa created a pool spa combination which flows seamlessly from the 21st century styled English manor home behind it. All the materials were selected so that the spa, pool, catch basin and then fire pit area would be a natural extension of the home. Due to the yard’s steep slope the home owners never used the backyard space prior to constructing the pool and spa. Thrasher Pool and Spa utilised the slop to create a cutting edge, hydraulic work of art with 5 distinct water features all controlled through an app on the home owners cell phone. The pool’s design follows the natural slope of the yard so the design integrates extremely well into the existing environment. The infinity edge creates a dynamic view of the green space behind the swimming pool.

The construction of the pool itself took more than 100 yards of concrete. The designers used two different pumps constantly shooting the concrete so that the installation was complete in one day. This pool is hydraulically engineered to have superior circulation without seeing any fittings anywhere in the pool. The designers completed several plumbing loops and return lines so they could reduce the plumbing down to a dark grey schedule 80 pipe that protrudes the pool wall. The pool plumbing returns are completely undetectable. A toe kick spa was built to conceal all the fittings, suction drains, and Savi lights under the bench in the spa. The designer’s favourite aspect is the dual wet wall/sheer waterfall spanning 55 feet along the weir wall. Thrasher Pool and Spa added custom fire and water features situated on columns. The designers also favoured the custom glass-tile sheer descent wall between the spa and pool.

The spa has an 8-foot-long spill created with a custom Oceanside glass tile blend that drops feet to the pool below. The sheer is almost completely silent and does not have any breaks. There are floating steps of bluestone on either side of the spa which allows the customer to access both sides of the pool deck despite the limited space due to the challenging lot. There are two custom 3 ‘x 3′ square Bobe fire/water bowls that almost look small, compared to the 4′ x 4’ columns they built to hold them. Water flows down from the fire bowls to the pool creating a dramatic look.

The weir wall has a custom one of a kind detail containing both a traditional knife edge inside the pool and 6-inch edge so that water can spill away from the pool. That way the customer can enjoy a wet wall in normal operation or by turning on a secondary pump, create a sheer water fall that spans over the 55-foot weir wall. The corners also remain wet in both applications. This pool contains 22 Jandy Savi lights for an incredible night light show that complements the fire bowls and landscape lighting. Finally, a fire pit seating area allows the home owners to sit below the pool and experience the sound of water falling into the catch basin while entertaining friends or making s’mores with the kids.