Project Name: The Nest

Location: Al Barari, Dubai, UAE

Date Completed: February 2017

The developer completed construction of 55 contemporary 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom ensuite homes. Each home contained a private swimming pool, BBQ area, outdoor shower, landscaped gardens plus driver and maids room and a double garage. The brief for Etcetera Living LLC was to create a family home that addresses the needs of a growing family based in Dubai. There are 2 different types of villa – one being 6,000sq. ft. and the other 7,000sq. ft. (built up area).

The villas are designed with floor to ceiling windows with large terraces and on the ground floor, a garden comprising both terraced and lawned spaces. The client specified that the interiors should reflect the lifestyle of a ‘typical’ expatriate family who have decided to make Dubai their home. Etcetera Living’s role was to create a living space that would allow prospective clients to visualise themselves living in such an environment. So, by way of example, Etcetera Living decided to make the “designated study room” into a TV and games room for the family on the first floor so if the parents are entertaining there is a private space the children can go to without having to go to their bedrooms. This idea proved extremely popular with both the client and prospective buyers.

Etcetera Living LLC love the way the villa is positioned to take advantage of the communal garden and waterway views and they have designed the master bedroom to allow the occupant to benefit from these views both whilst in bed and whilst sitting on the sofa watching TV. From the designer’s prospective it is very much about empathy; when deciding on the design they try to imagine themselves and their families living there and from that establish what are the most important requirements. For example, as most of the clients who buy are likely to be expatriate, Etcetera Living make sure that the ‘guest bedroom’ isn’t just an afterthought, but a priority. When designing each space, Etcetera Living LLC look at the area outside and integrate the layout to enable the owner to be able to smoothly transition from the internal space to the garden or balconies. This house backs onto a beautiful waterway and pathway so the designers also wanted to take advantage of the views nearby.