Project Name: New Concordia Wharf

Location: Shad Thames, London

Date Completed: April 2016

Interior Designer: Maisha Design

The brief given to Maisha Design was to redesign and reconfigure a large fully open plan studio apartment to create a more functional space with areas that could be partitioned off for privacy, without compromising on the open plan feeling of the space. In addition, the client asked that Maisha Design maintain an element of the industrial warehouse feel in keeping with the unique character of the building. The designers also had to provide a neutral enough backdrop to house the client’s eclectic collection of artwork and accessories. As part of the project they had to obtain all the necessary listed building consents from the council.

The starting point for their design involved the internal reconfiguration of the apartment. The original layout was a large studio with a bathroom and kitchen in one corner and the only source of light, two windows and a balcony, on the other end overlooking a dock. Maisha Design’s reconfiguration saw the creation of two rooms and an additional ensuite bathroom along the back wall of the apartment. For the rooms, a study/guest bedroom and master bedroom, they created large openings with sliding timber and steel doors. This allows for the spaces to be closed off for privacy without compromising on the feeling of the open-plan space when pulled back. Great attention was paid in designing the bespoke sliding doors made of painted reclaimed wood and steel. Maisha Design used an industrial looking visible sliding mechanism and edgy handles from Buster and Punch to maintain the warehouse feel. The kitchen is housed in the middle of the large living area where large island clad in polished concrete with low handing pendants from Mullan Lighting create a focal point. Continuing with the industrial theme, all the electrical wiring is housed in steel pipes and conduits which run along the ceiling and exposed brick walls.

The finished project provides a perfect backdrop for their clients colourful and eclectic art (much of which he has painted himself) and furniture and accessories accumulated from his travels around the world. For Maisha Design the key aspect of the project was the large sliding doors made out of reclaimed timber and steel frames. Great attention was paid to make these so that they suited the industrial feel of the apartment. The layout of the apartment is very functional as it allows the client to close off spaces when needed. The designers have also created an ensuite bathroom to the master bedroom. So even though the square footage of the apartment remained unchanged, it was more usable space. With the design, they incorporated enough elements to maintain the warehouse/industrial feel without being too over powering and fighting with the beautiful artwork.