Project Name: Night Life

Location: Zurich

Date completed: June 2016

Interior Designer: Eveline Rossi

This project is a 200m2 loft apartment located in Zurich West, ideal for people who enjoy Zurich’s nightlife. Rossi Interiors designed the apartment specifically for the city’s night life lovers. Depending on the mood of the inhabitants the LED lights bring a completely different colour setting to each room. Instead of painting extravagant and vibrant colours on the walls, Rossi Interiors wanted to create a mood lighting depending on what the inhabitants were looking for.

The kitchen was designed to look like a telescope. The dark brown walls and oak fronts reflect no light and the window at the end of the room gives into the allusion of the telescope. At night, the kitchen window is an excellent viewing point to see the city. The kitchen is fitted with a bar, small library and a podium for the lounge chairs so they you can really enjoy the view. The property is a place to let your fantasy flow – the big open spaces and views of the city really accentuate the feeling of city life.

The hall has a 4 metre table and is suitable for large dinner parties or as a work space. Behind the library is the walk-in closet. The bedroom with its free standing bathtub is furnished with Fendi Casa and Arte wallpaper… a completely different world for seductive nights. The property also contains a wellness room in turquoise is an oasis with Sauna and views to the city. As the apartment is situated in one of Zurich’s high rise buildings the inhabitants can be as anonymous as they like and have all the benefits of being in the city. The big windows are an excellent snapshot of the city and the nearby mountain and when the sunsets the view is truly magnificent.