Project Name: Paddington Penthouse

Location: London W2

Date Completed: December 2016

Interior Designer: Prestige Architects

Architect: Prestige Architects

This project involved a complete refurbishment and reconfiguration of an existing penthouse apartment. The client, Manhattan Bond, is a developer hence the attention to a fine balance between design and budget which has been very successful as the project was completed on time and under budget. The re-design of the space has allowed Prestige Architects to create a master bedroom with en suite, two additional bedrooms, a bathroom and transformed the small balcony off the kitchen into a sunny breakfast room.

The key spatial element of the double living room and kitchen is the double sliding door which allow the room to be used as an open plan kitchen but easily isolated from the living room if necessary. All joinery has been designed to blend with the walls leaving only visible the luxury of the walnut handles. For Prestige Architects the project has been truly a successful exercise of balancing the luxury with a more settled design. The entire project adheres to the same design theme which makes the property feel connected, there is a smooth transition when you move from room to room.

Detail is key for Prestige Architects’ projects and seeking a specific design element that the eye can follow through is part of their fingerprint. In this particular project this element is identified by a material, walnut. The trim around the floor in the living space and the bedroom is in harmony with the insert around the doors architraves, the wardrobe handles and the wardrobe interiors giving continuity throughout the property. Each element of the design together with the colour of the walls and the materials used in the bathrooms are connected with a natural product giving continuity and a settled look.