Submitted by: Alfred Johnson

Project Name: Paris On The Palm

Location: Dubai, UAE

Interior Designer: Alfred Johnson

The client wanted a subtle blend of Parisian interior combined with the luxurious setting of Arabia. Requesting French interior language blended with Arabian surroundings was a rather unusual brief. The 5,100 square foot duplex penthouse had to cater for a family of two adults and two children. The design had to be practical, warm, resonate French style whilst complimenting the magnificent Arabian setting of the Palm Island. The palate to work off was earthy tones, platinum-bronze, gold and hints of colour set against a white canvas.

The kitchen was to echo a contemporary modern styling whilst allowing for a family dining within it. The bathrooms were to compliment the bedrooms and allow for the natural light to enlarge the space. The clients wanted their living-dining to be private whilst allowing for the common space to access the store rooms, kitchen and ground floor balcony and plunge-pool. The metre wide staircase was to be kept simple and complimentary whilst emphasising the dramatic 5 metre high ceiling with a chandelier. The rugs had to be bespoke and 100% dull silk whilst all the furniture, fittings and lighting had to sourced and bought from Italy and France and have custom Alfred Johnson accessories such as cushions, throws and art within their home.

The client’s final request was to have a floor with character that resonates a typical French chateau. All of the above had to be designed and fitted out in a six month period, along with a state of the art home automation and internal cc-tv and security system.