Project Name: Phillimore Gardens

Location: London, UK

Date Completed: September 2016

Company Name: Lambart & Browne

Designer: Lambart & Browne

Architect: Lees Associates

Lambart & Browne were commissioned to design a full refurbishment of a Kensington Townhouse for the Phillimore Estate. This dressing/bathroom for ‘her’ is part of the master suite, classically designed with neutral elements.

From the moment you step into the dressing space, the tone of the suite is set from beautiful veneered joinery with polished nickel detailing to the full height fumed oak doors, architraves & linings. Moving into the bathroom space, the limestone floor is contrasted with a central circular slab of polished marble, which matches the vanity tops & bath decking and in places featuring the polished nickel detailing. Illuminated recesses with clear glass shelves and polished nickel edging highlighted by antique mirror compliment other amenities such as an aqua vision TV, rain sky shower enclosure and a faux leather window surround with nickel studs. The walls are decorated in a hammered pure limestone containing natural fossils in a pinstripe effect and hanging from this artistic centre piece of ceiling is an art deco lantern – just one of the many incredible feature lights that makes such a bold statement in this suite.

“I like mixing in different elements into my interiors, and I’ve always been an advocate of subtle luxury rather than having lots of designer or statement items. I like to have a couple of statement pieces and then combine these with more understated pieces”
– Freddy van Zevenbergen

Lambart & Browneʼs founding partner & lead designer Freddy van Zevenbergen, designed this area around the natural line of site. Looking over Holland Park, this bathroom for ʻherʼ in the master bedroom suite is a key area of the house and it is designed to perfect absolute symmetry in conjunction with the view and detailing. The beautiful combination of natural stone with plush contemporary nickel touches means the look has a multidimensional appeal, working a modern and classical allure.

There is character in the walls, carefully lined in a pure limestone, which has been hammered to finish in a pinstripe effect with a v-groove every 300mm. If you look carefully you can see an array of beautiful natural fossils, including crinoidea fragments and shell fossils formed 321 million years ago, from fossilised fauna that lived in shallow tropical waters. The classic masonry technique chiselling the stone involves incising the surface with a series of parallel thin lines.