Project Name: Private Residence

Location: Surrey

Date Completed: August 2016

Interior Designer: Natalia Rotenburg

Architect: NR Group

NR Group planned the fantastic residential pool to achieve the best possible design for a beautiful Surrey residence and provide luxury and comfort to their clients. NR Group wanted to create a space that would reflect the personality of the home owners. They achieved this through the use of high quality products such as the Phillip Jeffries wall covering, the unique 2 metre vases and 300 hundred hydrangeas in a white and blue colour to connect them with the rest of the space.

On the ceiling, NR Group wanted to do something different. They wanted to maintain the luxurious feel but combine it with a very minimalistic simple and clean interior. Over 150 mirror pieces integrated with small crystals were used to achieve an eye-catching staple of the room. For NR Group the priority was the safety of their work so it was most important to make sure that all the pieces were secure. The completely white walls were dressed with an exclusive wallpaper which completely ties in with the colours of the water, the mosaic of the pool and the beautiful hydrangeas. The water also connects perfectly with the mirrors on the ceiling as they create together a beautiful reflection of natural light and glow. The biggest challenge of the project was inserting all 300 hundred hydrangeas into the 2 metre vases.

NR Group believe that “where people live has a major effect on their life. If where they live is well-planned, well-designed and well-managed, their quality of life is likely to be a great deal better than that of those who live elsewhere.” NR Group have established that design is much more than just visual aesthetics, even though it is also a part of the definition. NR Group want to feel the design not just create it. In the end they see that in their project everything is well connected.