Project Name: The Revy

Location: Pyrmonth, Sydney, NSW

Date Completed: August 2015

Interior Designer: Blainey North & Associates

Architect: PTW Architects

This project is located in one of 46 luxury apartments within a heritage listed warehouse building on Sydney Harbour. Blainey North & Associates design intent was to create a luxurious environment that celebrates the layering of rich historical craftsmanship with refined modern details. The Revy is a Sydney landmark rich in historical significance and industrial detail. Blainey North & Associates imagined the interior as a contemporary space placed within the existing Heritage building, sitting with reverence, almost touching. The transition between the old and new is then celebrated as a magical moment representing the passing of time.

Blainey North & Associates’ favourite aspect of the project was the lighting. The designers loved the custom designed pendant lighting which was inspired by the machinery found on the original site. They also believe that the design works so well because of the focus on distinctive detailing, the internal architecture and design illustrates the bridge between historical legacy and a new generation. The detail in the design completes the brief.

The new interior celebrates the connection between the existing building and its new identity. The design connects the previous visualising function of the one warehouse by maintaining parts of its heritage fabric and yet reinterpreting the previous architectural elements into contemporary design objects like lighting and furniture. All furniture and lighting was custom designed and handmade including the handles from a range of specialist artisans around the world.