Project Name: Rose Bay Residence

Location: Sydney, Australia

Date Completed: 2017

Interior Designer: Blainey North

Architect: MHNDU

This project is a three-storey residence set on the bay, Sydney, that explores the patterns of intersection using positive and negative space. The design brief for Blainey North Associates was to create a modern and luxurious space to fit a young couples’ lifestyle. The interior is seemingly simple, yet every wall is textural, with the living area clad in white ottoman striped fabric padded panels, the walls throughout in linen wallpaper and the master bedroom in a white linen. Every edge has been detailed to express small moments of intersection through linear form.

One of Blainey North Associates’ favourite aspect of the project is the swimming pool, which is made of white marble right and is positioned right on the harbours edge; an unbeatable view of Sydney Harbour. The designers believe the project works well because it feels like a contemporary modern interior, however has the meticulous detailing of a traditional residence. The concept of intersection is carried through every aspect of the design including metal inlay inset into the marble of the kitchen bench, and again metal inlay into the polished concrete floor.

This project was designed in a way to integrate the interiors with the wider environment of Sydney Harbour. Blainey North Associates believe that the vast span of the interior space through a post tensioned slab provides a giant window to the outdoors. This creates a true indoor, outdoor feeling. Many specialist skills were necessary for this project, but in particular the staircase was particularly difficult as a sculptural element seen from all sides. A master stonemason was needed to ensure all the stone treads were made to look solid. A metalworker required to create the custom balustrade and a leather craftsman to make the leather handrail.