Project Name: Signature Apartment, The Alef Residences

Location: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Date Completed: July 2017

Interior Designer: Bishop Design Residential FZ-LLC

Architect: Halford Associates

The client, Al Sharq Investment, wanted to create a luxuriously opulent Signature Apartment set within a very unique development on the exclusive Palm Jumeirah. Situated within an impressive landscaped Resort, it boasts spectacular ceaseless views of the skyline, sunset and Arabian Gulf. The design brief was clear; showcase a lifestyle that potential buyers would crave. The 4-bedroom Show Apartment was to appeal to a mass audience, creating a warm and friendly space suitable for families or the successful professional couple or a single fun lifestyle.

Depending on size and location, these apartments range anywhere from £3.1 Million to £14.5 Million therefore making an impact throughout the apartment was imperative. The client had approximately £1.1 Million to spend and Bishop Design had to spend the money wisely. The designers were to keep the magnificent view untouched but ultimately, showcase the epitome of luxury. One of the challenges was how to invest the budget, Bishop Design opted for spending more on key pieces and selecting finishes that would enrich the layout, allowing the clients to understand what they are purchasing when choosing to buy one of these exclusive apartments.

The main living spaces should remain interactive whilst also appealing to those wishing to entertain for smaller numbers. Creating a practical layout, Bishop Design had to ensure that these spaces were furnished using high end materials and furniture whilst creating a backdrop that enticed their clientele, offering the ultimate dream Apartment on one of the most sought-after developments in Dubai. The impressive ceaseless views of the skyline, sunset and Arabian Gulf from this Apartment is the ultimate dream for anyone wanting to live and play in Dubai. Bishop Design drew fundamental inspiration from the panoramic view and used soft hues and blue tones to allow the space to almost reflect and represent the water. Mixing these elements with a practical layout that showcased luxury was key.