Project Name: Singapore Modern Colonial Home

Location: Singapore

Date Completed: June 2016

Interior Designer: Design Intervention

This project included a newly built home in a lush verdant part of Singapore. The design brief given to Design Intervention was to create a modern comfortable and uncomplicated family with an undercurrent of colonial style, reinvented for the 21st Century. The designers brief outlined specific details with regard to the outside area and the clients wanted to capitalise on the garden and pool views by incorporating the exterior views into the interior spaces making the design almost open plan.

The designer’s favourite aspect of the project was the crisp, masculine architectural lines which give a reassuring sense of strength and permanence to this home, invoking the feeling that it is a safe protective retreat from the world. Design Intervention believe that the design works so well due to the crisp, angular lines that have been balanced by warm hues and textures so that this home resonates with a sense of reassuring comfort and a simple uncomplicated elegance.

Design Intervention have found themselves turning to an injection of a coral hue to elevate their room schemes, as can be seen in the living area. Coral has the warmth of red, the carefree sense of orange and the romance of pink. The designers believe that the colour can bring both freshness and warmth at the same time. Very often, red is too harsh, pink too feminine, orange too playful but coral is a perfect blend. The coral armchair brings a sense of playfulness to this serene space.