Project Name: Private Residence

Location: St George’s Hill, Weybridge

Date completed: August 2015

Interior designers: Daniella Riley & Samantha Morgan

The brief on this project was to develop luxury interior designs for a new build property on the prestigious St George’s Hills estate in Surrey. Led by Head Designer Samantha Morgan, a combination of textures, finishes and lighting schemes were used to create a luxurious property brimming with elegance and impact. The simplistic take on these luxury interior spaces echoes the work of world-renowned modernist designers Le Corbusier to Mies Van der Rohe; with the use of soft furnishings and fixtures to create an environment that feels comfortable and inviting, offering an aspirational lifestyle. In the Master Bedroom, we designed and made a specialist headboard to compliment a curved wall. Based on iconic Chanel-style quilting, this specialist piece of furniture helped to make a luxurious feature out of an unusual space.

Concept Interiors Ltd like to begin each project by understanding how their work can help improve the functionality and overall use of a space. For them, design is not only about the visual aesthetic but also about understanding how to offer their clients a luxury lifestyle. Following the build from initial planning to implementation meant they were able to identify exactly what was needed from their client: developing a bespoke design that complimented the architecture of the building as well as the picturesque setting of the Surrey countryside.

Using the relationships they have formed over a decade in the interior design industry they have been able to deliver a high end luxury design that complements the wishes of their client as well as showcasing the best of 21st century contemporary design. The use of mirrors, light colour schemes and bespoke artwork (such as the oil painting of cherry blossom in the Drawing Room) were all subtle tricks used to bring the wider environment of the Surrey landscape into these interior spaces. Highlighting the height of the windows with bespoke window treatments also extends the eye outwards, integrating the exterior and interior environments.