Project Name: TM

Location: Hong Kong

Date Completed: June 2017

Interior Designer: Frank Leung

Vibrant, energetic, urban, tribal – these are inspirations behind via.’s design for this COO Residence. The residences are created as a choreographed experience. At the entrance, a slim metallic lattice structure in the shape of a gable roof, together with hanging bulbs of various sizes and shapes, greets visitors with a subtle symbol, ‘a new idea of home’. Welcoming visitors at the Foyer space is an intricate, geometric patterned stone floor in contrasting grey and beige stones. Together with the setting of the future clubhouse foyer, these elements give an industrial, monochromatic, and edgy vibe to the Sales Gallery and the project. The rest of the Sales Gallery continues this monochromatic, industrial chic approach, using patterned wall covering, artisanal wall lamps, custom furniture pieces in casual, asymmetrical arrangement, and bespoke carpet mimicking future streetscape, to create a café-like, relaxed ambience.

The Show Apartment, nicknamed “Urban Tribe”, is an exploration in colours and vibrancy. Drawing inspirations from the work Canadian artist Jeff Depner and Australian aboriginal painter Rosie Goodjie, via. conjures up a palette in vermilion and teal, mixed with slim dark metal trims, warm oak, and concrete surfaces. The one-bedroom apartment is opened up; a custom-made, French end-grain oak floor is used throughout the entire apartment to give warmth and detail. All the fixtures – pantry, wardrobe, and bathroom – are defined by a combination of slim metal frames with timber or glass panels.

A sculptural set of frames, integral with patterned glass and white marble shelves, also demarcates the sleeping area from the living area. A single, circular ceramic tile from Italy dominates the washroom, which is fitted with bespoke mirrors, metal shelving, and high-end faucets. A selection of furniture and accessories with colour highlights – vermillion and / or teal – is employed throughout. Art work, including a limited edition of Frank Schott’s photograph “Cones” printed on skateboard in collaboration with Swiss studio Doodah, is carefully curated to reflect the youth, energetic vibe of the modern Urban Tribe.