Project Name: W1 Apartment

Location: London

Interior Designer: Lucinda Sanford Ltd

Architect: Lucinda Sanford Ltd

The owners of the property were downsizing from a large property to a smaller apartment. They purchased the property off plan but the layout and interior were not suitable to their needs so it was Lucinda Sanford Ltd’s role to redesign the layout of the apartment. The project needed to have a different feel to their previous apartment but also house their collections of art, glass, and sculpture in sympathetic surroundings. Lucinda Sanford Ltd created a large installation wall to house all the wonderful glass and sculptures this was very important to the clients. In the client’s study, Lucinda Sanford also designed and built a bespoke modern display cabinet and storage for a silver collection.

The apartment needed to feel modern and contemporary but also maintain richness and depth of colour – the open plan living space needed zoning but needed to maintain its light and open characteristic. The owners had not had an open plan kitchen before and after relocating it in the space it was vital that it was functional but also sympathetic to its surroundings. When in London the apartment would need to host family and friends as well as provide for a home office that would enable the owner to work at the property. One of the key parts of working within a new build space was to bring back some of the detail and craftsmanship that the large-scale development had left the property devoid of.

The detail of the layout and the way the additional joinery would be added by Lucinda Sanford Ltd later was very important to consider right from the outset before the floors were cast. Amendments would be complex in the new build and the developer would not have considered any alterations on the structure. The design works so well because it is seemless and the flow that comes through the property in its details and colours from zone to zone. The design makes the most of the full height ceilings and the view onto the small gardens in front of the apartment. The huge Crittal glass doors allow the light and flow around but create the key ones. Lucinda Sanford Ltd worked closely with some fantastic British producers. The Crittal doors came from a supplier in West Sussex, the amazing dining room chandelier from Cox London who have a wonderful workshop in London. The desk in the study was handmade and a bespoke piece from a wonderful craftsman Jonathan Field.