Project Name: Yangzhu Garden

Location: Huizhou

Date Completed: 2015

Interior Designer: Ricky Wong Designers

Yangzhu Garden was designed with the concept of oriental “Zen” in mind for the client. It is designed with a traditional style, but without losing its modern sense, it also presents an infinite oriental life philosophy. The main space is decorated with wooden materials, elegant ultramarine paintings, transparent French windows and alabaster marbles, which fits perfectly with the major theme of oriental “Zen”. In addition, this theme is inherent with the inclusion of folding fans, Buddha statues and other antiques, the space and atmosphere becomes more harmonious.

The dining room is connected to the living room, extending the inner areas, and also intensifying its wide spaciousness. In terms of the entire design, the amount of space used is increased, in order to provide the client with more utilization possibilities within the property. From the spatial layout to the furniture modelling, the line of the tough log forms a regular and neat spatial sense. The whole space, laid with natural alabaster marble blocks, makes the whole project neat and clean.

The simple charm and elegance of Chinese style is always appreciated in every culture. Therefore, Ricky Wong Designers use abundant classical oriental elements and revise the design of oriental urban fashion, which thereby forms a new modern Chinese style. Ricky Wong Designers believe that the design works so well because the spirit of the space appears on the decoration, which creates a beautiful atmosphere for the residents.