Project Name: Zhongshan International Golf Villa

Location: Nanjing

Date Completed: 2015

Interior Designer: Ricky Wong Designers

In the design of Zhongshan Golf Villa project, Ricky Wong Designers developed a better division on functional space, according to the characteristics of the client’s family members. The designers used the original wood colour, to show the influence of American living style, the interiors were made to feel modern and artistic featuring a “deco” appearance. Ricky Wong Designers believe that this style best represents the American attitude.

The use of different shapes, materials and colours helps to create a rich sense of space, and the sky blue embellish are applied in different public spaces, which makes the American lines with oriental feelings and details. Ricky Wong Designers aimed to create a vision of the distinguished space that put emphasis on human-oriented and rational use of the property, in order to create more possibilities in the limited space. The designers used luxurious materials in the main space, and they also added materials like bronze and ivory, which emphasizes the luxury of the household with decorations.

The designers rationally divided the space ratio of the bedroom and the study room, so it was easy to freely shuttle between each room. The study room is the activity area, but it can also be used separately for different functions. The wine tasting area is adjacent to the outdoors with a large block of ground glass, which can make the room adopt adequate lighting, with more transparency. Nanjing Zhongshan Golf Villa is located at the east part of Nanjing Jinshan, and it is built on a wide-open golf course. Ricky Wong Designers created an aristocratic lifestyle for their client by producing an harmonious environment which complement the property and the client mutually.