Project Name: Atami Kasgacho restoration project

Location: Atami, Japan

Date Completed: June 2018

Interior Designer: Noriko Sawayama

Construction Company: Wakai Construction

A restoration and interior design project of 80-year-old traditional Japanese wooden house in an East meets west scheme. The 80-year-old ex-inn building was rescued after 5 years of abandonment and was on the verge of demolition. Although there are areas that had to be restored due to the damage, there were many original features showcasing unique and highly skilled craftsmanship, which are hard to be repeated by current techniques.

This house was completed with a focus on the following three areas; complete restoration to original features, reconfiguration and remodelling using original material where possible and the total renovation of the living areas which were the most damaged area of the house.  Therefore, creating a large and open lounge kitchen, dining room space.

The design theme throughout is a fusion of East and West. The Space layout and balance of the property is very much Western. Complemented by traditional Japanese materials and local craftsmanship. BABID added wooden furniture from their own range Remyu and locally sourced Tatami floor mats, Washi wallpaper, and traditional seaweed plasterworks which add a certain authenticity to the property and ensure the interior design scheme is sympathetic to the original age of the property.

The whole property is a unique showcase for the seamless integration of traditional arts and crafts synonymous with Japanese culture, particularly the surrounding area. Balanced perfectly with Western proportions and room layouts adding a beautiful functionality and flow to the property.