Project name: The Bachelorette Pad Singapore

Location: Singapore

Date completed: November 2017

Interior designer: Design Intervention

This space has been designed to be the ultimate retreat from a hectic city life. A place to feel special and spoilt. Design Intervention were tasked with creating a serenely glamourous retreat for a single lady in her 50s. Warm materials, undulating organic shapes blend seamlessly with state-of-the-art accessories creating a feminine, indulgent bath area within an expansive master suite.

As luxurious bathing experiences are an important ritual to the client, they tasked Design Intervention with creating a luxurious spa experience within the space. The request was to have one large expansive master suite, without doors so that the bathing area flowed continuously from the bedroom.

This had to be achieved while ensuring that the design satisfied the functional needs of a wet area. The bathroom had to include— a long bath, a sauna, and a shower for daily use. The challenge was creating a soothing, feminine and glamourous experience while maintaining the feel of a single expansive space, softening the clinical hard lines traditionally found in a wet room while retaining all of the function & storage.

Design Intervention are particularly proud of the bespoke bathtub, vanity and shower benches made out of thermally moulded solid surface to give a totally unique bathing experience. With the functional requirement for hard, waterproof surfaces and few opportunities to soften hard edges with furnishings, bathrooms can be clinical spaces, but the client had set Design Intervention the challenge to create a warm and sensual bathing experience.

Our solution to opt for an acrylic material for the waterproof surfaces. This material is warmer and softer to the touch and can mould into continuous organic shapes allowing Design Intervention to create soft feminine forms. The space successfully creates a consistent sense of feminine romance in a traditionally “hard edged’ space, using innovative materials while simultaneously ensuring it satisfies practical needs.

The client specifically requested that the entire apartment function as a seamless master suite, so aesthetic and special integration was an essential part of our process. The design theme is consistent throughout and the serene glamour continues through to the sleeping and bathing zones.