Project Name: Bathroom in the House of Grey

Location: Miekowo, Poland

Date Completed: January 2018

Interior Designer: Joanna Bozacka, Piotr Sudak

This project involved the renovation of the master bathroom in a single-family house, measuring 16.8 square meters, and featuring a bathtub, shower, toilet and bidet, washbasin and furniture pieces. The bathroom was designed as a part of a single-family house owned by a couple of very active people, in their private and their business life. The house was meant to be their oasis – celebrating the simplicity and minimalism of the space as much as beauty and originality of the design. The requirement for not using wood, ceramic tiles nor colour became the base inspiration for this no-colour interior.

The design process involved moving between many shades of grey and juxtaposing the different shades, moods and textures which appeared to be key to create an interesting and sensual space. The master bathroom was a part of this scenario.  Beside the basic function – WC, bidet and washbasin – this comfort space includes spacious shower and free-standing bathtub. The concrete floor – as in the whole house – was not refined thoroughly and was left with a touch of roughness. It gives a proper contrast to other interior elements such as shiny white ceramic, plain graphite painted walls and chrome faucets.

The rough, concrete-like look was given also to the background wall behind the unique, hanging washbasin. This individually designed piece, made of polished TechniStone quartz conglomerate is a part of the long countertop and is accompanied by the piece of furniture hanging below, made of the same material. The practical side of storage is also covered by another individually designed element – the set of cupboards with mirror fronts hanging over the washbasin. Three different types of LED lighting are built in the furniture – direct, bounced and also inside the cupboards.

The centre point of the master bathroom is the bathtub standing in front of the grand window, just below the Raimond by Moooi Pendant light. The soft lines of the bathtub contrast with the straight-lined interior composition and the glittering sphere of the lamp adds some unexpected glamour to the interior. The design of the bathroom is uncompromised – rough and minimal and at the same time sophisticated and elegant. Despite cold grey tones, the master bathroom is comfortable and pleasant, which Studio NOMO’s clients have confirmed.