Project Name: Cadogan Place

Location: London

Date Completed: December 2017

Interior Designer: Sylwia D Lubian

The Milc Design team was requested to undertake a full renovation of this dated and old-fashioned two-bedroom Belgravia apartment. Milc Design transformed this duplex penthouse into a modern living space suited for a young family, and as a second home, created a space that welcomed its owners only a few times a year. The client’s brief was clear, they wanted Milc Design to make the most of the space they had as well as create a homely, comfortable interior to live in, even for the youngest members of the family. The designers had to ensure that the property provided the family with the standard of living they were used to, as well as offering a timeless elegance that worked in all seasons.  The team made minor internal changes but redesigned the bathrooms completely and introduced a new electrical layout throughout. The interior took on a new life of its own, it became a refined, contemporary, and sophisticated space that exceeded their client’s expectations.

The property has two entrances, the main one being via a private lift which accesses the penthouse apartment through a refurbished narrow corridor. This is the only place within the property where the existing and original features were both retained. Original and unique silk leaf wallpaper inserts within the authentic wooden panelling were a real statement and therefore an inspiration for the colour scheme. This feature encouraged Milc Design to be ambitious, they based the interior design project on an original aspect within the property. It provided the client with a long lasting sentimental feel from when they purchased the property which they just loved. The original atmosphere and dated oak woodwork did not do any justice to its history, however Milc Design decided to revive it and place it centre stage of this interior design project. This was the starting point of a truly considered scheme, rich in material finishes with a sophisticated colour palette throughout. The colour scheme, style of furniture, use of materials and accent accessory pieces flow throughout the apartment to create a consistent and very comforting atmosphere that was desired by our clients.

The interior space is divided into two zones, a daily zone on the lower level and a more private and remote zone on the upper level. The lower level comprises of a compact yet functional kitchen which sits opposite the dining area. This space then leads through to the wide hallway where it meets the light flooded and bright reception room. This is the heart of the apartment which embodies every element of the client’s brief, a comfort zone, which allows the family while away from their full-time home, to spend precious time together cooking, dining, playing and relaxing. The upper floor is completely devoted to privacy and after-hours relaxation. The master bedroom, as well as the children’s suite, contains a tailored dressing room designed specifically to meet the client’s needs, and a bathroom which maximises storage space and utilises every inch of the area. Relaxation continues up on their private roof terrace providing them with a real penthouse experience, being able to admire the London skyline and rooftop heritage of London.

The design delivered an apartment that is not only a unique statement of design, but one that also creates a homely and comfortable feeling throughout. It allows a young family to enjoy their precious and private time spent together during their occasional visits to London.