Project Name: CHU’S PLACE

Location: Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Date Completed: August 2018

Interior Designer: Christopher Ming

Architect: Christopher Ming

Construction Company: M&C Associates Limited

M&C Associates Limited where commissioned by their client to turn a 4-bedroom, 1046 square feet, flat to a 1 bedroom live/work comfortable and functional space. It is not just a home, it is multi-functional space that is flexible and adaptable to the owner’s preference with the use of sliding doors, and multi-functional partitions that is also used as an element to celebrate the love of Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom Painting.

With just 1046 square feet, the owner’s wish was to have adequate storage space, that majorly separates and forms privacy between outdoor and indoor use. A multi-functional and adaptable study room with partition sliding doors that are openable to increase and optimise the living room/dining area at the owner’s wish. The material used in the study area not just celebrates and brings out the nature, colour, material in unison with Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom Painting, but also reflects the owner’s attitude towards his work. The guest toilet provides a showering/toilet area for guests. The bedroom is a private space for the owner to relax, with a dressing area that provides many storage spaces.

The multi-functional interactive partitions provide an element of playfulness that is also elegant in itself, reflecting the owner’s life- style and attitude. These partitions allow interchanging of spaces and creates a different form of privacy elements. The owner’s love of ‘Van Gogh’s – Almond Blossom Painting’, creates one of the striking features that integrates harmoniously with the variable forms and space through the playing of variable combinations of the partitions and sliding doors. Each possible combination provides a glimpse of this art piece, that does not overwhelm the space but provides an element of surprise.

This design successfully creates an elegant home with a warm harmonious welcoming attitude to gathering of family and friends in celebration. With the interactive partitions, the owner is able to playfully create a combination to form different privacy levels. The use of different stylish modern hanging lights at each space from the foyer, to the dining area and living room compliments the ultra slim detailed white Carrara marble TV wall.