Project Name: The Corten House

Location: Herzeliya, Israel

Date Completed: February 2018

Interior Designer: Orly Silber

Construction Company: Mesika

This project involved the total renovation of a 20 year old villa by the sea, the whole house, excluding the load bearing external walls was stripped back and completely remodelled, new windows and doors that allow a view of the pool and natural light to flow through the property were installed throughout. Particular attention was paid to the outside aesthetic of the property, Silber Interior styled the property to feel like a luxury resort. On arrival the eye is drawn to the waterfall meandering down from the steps to the house culminating in a central pond with a semi submerged tree.

Unusually the interior design scheme for the property is based around the elevator situated in the middle of the property. The Clients requested that Silber Interiors completely remove or remodel the pre-existing glass elevator that dominated the property. Wanting to keep the elevator Silber Interior decided to completely remodel it. Using metal mashrabia and glass the elevator suddenly flooded the property with light, conscious to move away from stainless steel the mashrabia was fabricated from corten, with its unique burnt orange colourĀ  became the key focus and tie throughout the property.

Corten was used again in the design of the floor to ceiling bookshelves in the library on the first floor of the property, beautifully muted tan and earth tones are used in the soft furnishings of both the library and the near by office as a complement to the metals striking colour. In the living area the mashrabia is used again in a specially designed recessed lighting fixture immediately drawing the eye upwards, the specially customised kitchen by Semel Kitchens perfectly complements the metal. Making use of the woods natural dark colour to complement and tie in with the colour scheme whilst making their own statement. The rust colour can also be seen in small veins running through the kitchen island, subtly tying the area together.

Although slightly more subdued the colour pallet runs right through to the master bedroom suite, unique in design this 60 square meter complex is divided by 6 glass moving doors from the bathroom and dressing room. The main sleeping area is designed with Fendi furniture in beautiful natural and gold tones, the TV is hidden within the ceiling controlled remotely so as not to interfere with the lines of the design. The dressing room and bathroom, run parallel to one another and are separated by a tinted glass wall giving a total see through look from the dressing room to the bathroom and vice versa. Again, to tie in with the overall design of the property traditional stainless-steel fixtures have been swapped for rose gold which is repeated through the accessories.

This modern house is both elegant and classic in design, even though the designer has chosen to use a harsh metal as the key design element the clever use of soft furnishing and dark woods give the property a warm and inviting atmosphere completely tied together by the elevator, now the jewel of the house.